New paragraph defaults to "no style"

I created a style called “Novel” with the spacing and font that I like. When I write a paragraph in that style and hit Enter/Return, the style switches to No Style for the next paragraph and I have manually go to Style and change it back to Novel.

I’m using the current beta. Any suggestions?

That’s the wrong way to go.

You should just edit the “no style”. You can do so in Options -> Editing -> Formating

Yes, thank you!!

As an additional note, when setting up a style you can select a “Next Style” from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the style dialog. This will tell Scrivener what style you want in the next paragraph. By default it is set to ‘none’, so each new paragraph will return to ‘no style’ , your default formatting.

Thank you, that was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

“No Style” is not a style. Changing the default format in Options affects new documents only.