New Project default directory in Preferences

I’d like to be able to tell Scrivener (FYI: I’m using version 3.0) my preferred “default” directory for New Projects. I can manually walk the New Project dialog to ~/Dropbox/Private/Writing/Scrivener/ (which I created manually in Mac’s file browser) for the new project but I’d like Scrivener to keep that in the “Favorites” list thereafter.
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This should already be happening, actually. Whenever you create a project, Scrivener remembers the location you saved the project and automatically shows that location by default the next time you go to save a project. Is this not happening for you?

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Thanks, Keith, but that’s not quite what I was asking/wanting.
What I want is for a user-specified directory to show in the list of shortcuts on the left-hand side in the “Save As” dialog. While I put most projects beneath one pathname, I subdivide that into several categories, e.g., ShortStories, Novels, Blog. I’ve heard from several other Scrivener users who also follow this “subdivide” strategy with a single pathname to the root thereof. Since we’re walking several subdirectories therein when we do an open of an existing project, it would be helpful to show that directory in the shortcuts list on the left of the dialog box.
I think Scrivener’s “big time” users with lots of projects will find a “user-specified default directory” and a link thereto a very convenient addition.
There’s a Facebook discussion in progress on this topic (12/18/2017): … 951221542/
Thank you for your consideration.

You can do this with standard macOS behaviour – it doesn’t need any new features in Scrivener:

  1. Open up a Finder window and if you haven’t already, create your top level folder (mine is ‘Current Work’) and any sub-folders.

  2. Drag Current Work to the left-hand sidebar.

  3. Open Scrivener and File > Save As and you’ll see Current Work waiting for you, complete with the subfolders.


I found another “standard Mac OS” solution – so this is NOT needed in Scrivener.

Here are the steps to add something to your Favorites list in Finder.

  1. Launch Finder.
  2. Therein, navigate to the directory of interest. (~/Dropbox/Private/Writing/Scrivener in the second attachment below. This is the “BEFORE” picture. [Apologies for the reversed order of attachments.])
  3. Once there (and still in Finder), click File -> Save to Sidebar.
  4. Thereafter, in Scrivener and other applications, the file dialog will include the added directory. (See the first attachment below for the “AFTER”.)

I think this issue is resolved. No Scrivener changes required. (This user just needed an education on Mac OS X. :blush: )

Glad you got what you wanted sorted out!
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