New Purchaser -- How to save work from Trial Version before downloading Full Version?

Hi All –
I’ve been working with the Trial Version of Scrivener for a couple of weeks and have decided to go ahead and purchase the Full Version.

In the time that I’ve been learning the program,I have really done a good bit of organizing of my own work and don’t want to lose all of it when I go from the Trial to the Full version.

Will Scrivener automatically keep all of the work from the Trial version when I purchase the real deal? Anything I need to know? I have looked through both the Tutorial and the Manual and don’t seem to find anything on that – if I’ve missed it, please direct me where I can find the info!

Many thanks –

Yes. Nothing changes. The trial version is the full version, all that happens is you register it.

Yes. Have fun with it. :smiley:


Oh Fantastic! Thanks so much, Jim. I’m ready to take the leap – despite reading some horror stories about losing work/not being able to access the program. Fingers crossed:).