New question on cleaning up annotations from PC to Mac

I found this portion of a reply on another post (below) which answered my question which was: why do I (a Mac user) see code surrounding the annotation text on the file sent to me by a Windows user?

So now I have another question. I have a proofreader/copyeditor who has worked on a Scrivener file in Windows and sent to me, a Mac user. Given that her annotations are now in this “code surrounding the annotation text” form, in cleaning up this, what do you recommend? I thought to use the Find with a keyword like “annot” to jump to each one manually delete it. Any other ideas? Thank you.

BTW, here is the forum reply that clued me in:

From MimeticMouton:
You should generally be safe going back and forth, but there are still a few inter-OS quirks that are getting worked out, so make sure you keep backups especially while the Windows version is still in beta. At the moment, there are still some bugs with comments/annotations and footnotes going back and forth–annotations created inWindows or that are in a document viewed in Windows will not appear correctly once the document is opened in the Mac version (you’ll see the code surrounding the annotation text, rather than it all appearing properly as an annotation); inspector comments and footnotes created on the Mac side I believe are not yet properly converted to inline notes inWindows. (In any case, the Windows version doesn’t yet support the inspector notes, so until it does you’ll want to just work with inline notes anyway since they’ll all be converted to that as soon as you open the document in Windows.)


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Use Project Replace. Make a backup first, just to ensure you’ve got a safe copy, but this should work:

  1. Open Project Replace and paste this into the Replace field
  1. Paste this code into the With field (exactly the same but with an added space after “annot”)
{\Scrv_annot \
  1. Ensure “text” is selected in the scope, then run the replace

  2. Close the project and reopen. The annotations should all appear correctly.