New Scapple Install Problems

So finally i wanted to update my scapple in december. I work with Windows 7, 64 bit.

Its years ago i had an 1.0…0.0 Version (2014?), distibuted via E-sellerate. Later i updated to 1.2 (the Paddle Version). I uninstalled the old version and tried to install 1.4. When starting it says error 0xc0000005 and crashes.
But: I can start the old one (That cries for E-Sellerate). It works without any problem. But i can not find a way how to uninstall it. Maybe a registry-error? What can i do? I´d like to have the new one!
Thanks for advice!

I have the same problem. I been meaning to ask about it. My guess is Windows 7 is no longer supported. But I think I also read something here about installing the full program instead of the update and it works. I am sure someone else can answer this better.

That’s correct. The latest release of Scapple requires 64 bit Windows 10+.

If you are on anything older than Windows 10, or a 32-bit machine, then you need to fetch Scapple from the legacy download page. Version 1.2.6 is what you need to avoid eSellerate issues.

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