New screenshots of Writing Outliner Word addin

Hi Folks,

This is Edwin Yip, few months ago people talked about my Writing Outliner project (Word addin at the first stage) here, and now I’m almost ready to launch the beta test, and you might be interested in seeing these new Screenshots, and it’ll be more than good if it can generate some inputs.

Note: I had a conversation with Keith earlier on, and he might be is developing the official “Scrivener for Windows” (I’m not sure about this, sorry). But in case you stick to Microsoft Word, or you want to see something different (such as tabbed editing ) you might be interested in take a look at these screenshots. … reenshots/

Wow … :open_mouth:

And you did all that with just the Office macro language?

Very impressive.

Yes, it’s looking great! Thanks for the credits on the site, too, much appreciated.

All the best with it,

P.S. No comment on the official L&L Windows version as yet. :slight_smile:

I’m sure the add-in works fine, but every time I have to look at Windows screenshots, I am SO glad that I work on an Apple and use its system fonts.

If I had to stare at those ugly Tahoma command lines all day long, I’d go starkers and move to Stockpond, UK.

Sorry, Mr. Yip. I’m sure you’ve done a good thing. I shall now return to my lair under the bridge and wait for April 3, the iPad launch day. :open_mouth:

Of course not! Office macro is not capable of such an add-in I think.

Thank you!

never mind, Mac systems like IPHone has a better UI (especially when compared with my Windows Mobile phone) I just happened to be a Windows developer…

PS. In such a forum that’s full of writers, please forgive me poor English :wink: