New Scrivener version for Brother AX-325 ??

To avoid distractions I sometimes write on a Brother AX-325 electric typewriter.

Just wondering if there are any plans for a version of Scrivener to work on this model?

It’s quite simple to feed an old analogue (paper) index card into the system, but I was hoping for something a little more streamlined.

It’s electric so I assume it has some sort of operating system (Linux? Maybe Mac OS 9? Or Window 3.1?)

Can anyone with tech “know-how” help me out with this? It looks something like this:

Aaahh, finally we got an answer to that long lasting question:
“O Brother, Where Art Thou?” :smiley:

Yeah baby!! :smiling_imp:

A Scrivener kit for this hardware is indeed available!

Brother of Scrivener Kit


Index cards (actual!)
Ream of paper
Three-ring Binder*
“Endless” typewriter ribbon

Just as in the application, once typed on, the index cards and typing paper can be rearranged any way you want in the binder!

And available with the Brother of Scrivener Kit ONLY: Compile-as-you-write ™: your writing iis compiled right in the binder. Instantaneously!


  • Note: Feature is unique to the Kit! Scrivener software is limited to single-ring binder.

You left out some key information…

[size=150]Only $99.99, no more to pay![/size]

And the small print…
[size=85]**Hole punch or plastic ring-binder inserts required - available separately or as part of our Brother of Scrivener Master Kit. [/size]

And if you act right now, you’ll not only be getting BROTHER OF SCRIVENER for the low, low price of $99.99. We’ll throw in absolutely free your own copy of


Finally you can string up your index cards just like you’ve been dreaming – with this deluxe hole punch and ball of red twine. Tabletop Scapple. The only limit is your imagination!*

This is no feature-limited edition of Tabletop Scapple, but the real deal Gold Master version you’ve been hearing about. Fully integrates with your Brother of Scrivener Kit.

  • Scissors not included.

We’re gonna party like it’s 1989.

Here’s Mabel checking that Scrivener 1.0 is compiling properly…

Oh look! You can see from that code dump that the typewriter version of Scrivener is written entirely in Apple’s new open-source Musical Swift language. It has never been so easy to whistle up an app. Just put your lips together and blow.

:laughing: If the likes of lunk, gr, nom, and Kingstonmike, couldn’t put together a comedy scriptwriting team, to match that of SNL … I’ll chew the hem of my manky welders’ leather apron!
Thanks for the giggles/chuckles lads :laughing: :wink:

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