"New software" alert BEFORE new version downloaded

I went to open Scrivener this evening and was greeted with the “You are opening this software for the first time” alert that one normally gets when one has just downloaded a new program, or a new version. But I hadn’t. It was the same version of Scrivener that I had opened previously in the day.

Later on, I did download the new version of Scrivener (2.1), but this alert came before I’d downloaded and installed this newer version.

Just thought this was odd, and I wondered why it should have happened.

Oh, crikey… sorry, my mistake - sort of - the system is doing this for ALL my applications!

No idea why - must be something to do with the upgrade to OS 10.6.8 I did today…?

If you just upgraded the OS, then yes that could be it. I don’t recall that happening on my system, but I have had instances where all of this was reset and I had to clear all of my applications again. I don’t remember what the cause was, unfortunately.

It happened to me when I upgraded my computer and used Migration Assistant to bring my apps over. The applications were old, but this computer had never seen them before.