New Sync Folder problem

This is the first time it’s happened.
Have my sync folder set up via Dropbox and everything was working without a hitch.

Made change to my .rtf file at work, saved, came home, opened Scrivener.

It said it would sync the folder.
But now all I see is the changed first chapter only.

Don’t see the other chapters in Scrivener - yet see the chapters as .rtf in Dropbox version.

Any idea what suddenly changed.


What do you mean that you don’t see the other chapters in Scrivener? When you run a sync, only the changed files will update, so the “Updated Documents” collection (which the binder will switch to when you run the sync and items are updated) will only show that one file that you changed. If you click the “x” in the binder footer when that collection is visible, it will take you back to your normal binder. Are your other chapters not there?


You are absolutely correct and thank you.

This is really the first time this oddity’s occurred which is why it threw me off.
I never use ‘Collections’ so this is new for me.


Understandable! Glad it turned out to be something simple and your project and sync are working fine. :slight_smile: