New technology?

I have seen the future, and I want predictive sentence completion functionality!!! … _rss_daily

Just the thing for people who can’t decide which keyboard to use.


would that be, “For real work, or dicking around.”

Which one do you pretend to do?

I am justified in this as Phil is still muddling in the brain and an iMac is stil looking for a hot spot.

I do have to turn that wheel to get the character I want instead of just typing it directly? Mmm…

Hmm. I’m afraid that participation in this forum proves our unsuitability to make that distinction. We may need to call in outside help.


Y`re probably dead right there Squire!! But it does sound kinky when Andrea, says it! :open_mouth: :laughing:
Take care

If you scroll backward do you get all your deleted work back or do you hear the devil like on records?