New to Scrivener, and frustrated

Hello everyone! I’m writing a cookbook. Several short ones, actually. I’m self-publishing in both ebook format and print-on-demand.Up until now, the only publishing I’ve done is on my blog.
I realize that Scrivener is not optimal for formatting; it says so in the tutorial! Something along the lines of “Scrivener is for pounding out words, not formatting. There’s one of my frustrations. A cookbook (at least those that I’m writing) require tables. Scrivener offers no “insert table” function. So I use Word to create the page then import it into Scrivener. The table I added in word doesn’t translate somehow, and I’m left with a center-justified, unbulleted list (it’s not a list actually, just text, but it looks like a list). If I copy and paste from Word to Scrivener, the table shows up, but justified left, and I can’t figure out how to
move it to the center!

Also, I can’t seem to figure out how to move documents from the files I created for them to the “draft” file so I can compile them. I’ve tapped every button and icon, I swear! You have to compile from the draft folder, right?

I chose Scrivener for its powerful organizational tools, and for the ease of compiling a number of pages into a single manuscript. I understand the reasoning behind leaving out some of the bells and whistles that other dedicated word processors have, but surely tables aren’t an unnecessary addition! From cookbook authors, to technical writers and textbook writers, tables aren’t a decoration, they’re a necessity.

Sorry if I’m being too loquacious. If someone out there could help me out with this, I’d be much obliged. I can hardly write the content because I worry about the other stuff. Maybe I should be just “pounding out words” and worry about the formatting and compiling later. I just don’t think that way, though.

Getting tables into my pages. Moving documents from self-created folders to the “draft folder” so I can compile them. I’m sure I’ll come up with other issues. I promise I won’t ask you to write the book though!

Desktop Scrivener has much more complete table capabilities than iOS Scrivener.

The “Working with Documents” file in the Tutorial explains how to move documents around. Tap Edit to enter editing mode, select the documents you want, and either drag and drop within the same folder or use the Move command (a cross with arrows) to move to a different folder. The same document also explains some Binder view options that may be helpful when moving things around.

Alternatively, you can use the Corkboard, which has its own section in the Tutorial as well.