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I’m completely new here, and looks like there’s a lot of friendly peers here. I have yet to start any writing as I’ve been sidetracked my entire life by video games. I definitely want to get into writing now as games these days are very lackluster.

Like I mentioned, I never wrote anything. Well, technically I have, but nothing in my free time for my own enjoyment. Unfortunately, I’ve been projecting what I want to write in my head like a mental movie for ten years now. Essentially, I want to capture what I see, and apply it to words in a grand scale.

I don’t read books or stories which is an unfortunate truth. I’ve always been a visual person, and will probably take my inspirations from old games(Syndicate, Master of Orion, Dune 2, Starflight, etc.). Whether or not the final product(s) turn out great will be determined eventually.

Anyway, just dropping by to say hello.

Welcome to our little section of the Internet!

Maybe you are trying to get away from games entirely—but have you considered writing for the gaming industry? :slight_smile: Even games that are not plot-heavy require a lot of writing.

Thanks for the welcome! I wouldn’t mind doing writing for the gaming industry. I’ve been in the industry doing grunt work for a long while, and I would really like to aspire to make worlds. Hell, even making fun flavor text would be nice, or naming gear/items. We’ll see though, in the mean time I’ll hang around here, and see what comes of it. Also, on top of that to start writing a storm.

Hello & welcome.
I still remember some of the original PC games I had that were tied to CPU clock speed - when we upgraded our computer, the games tripled in speed. That was fun*.

In terms of thinking visually, that can actually work very well in words. Read some Terry Pratchett books for examples.

Whatever you choose to write, write often and remember: It’s OK for first drafts to be bad, remembering that allows them to get written in the first place. In short: Write first, edit later

[size=85]*Working out how to mod the system to temporarily downgrade the clock speed was more fun. :slight_smile:

Were you considering writing for comics, tv, “film” or other visual media (games having already been mentioned)? That would make a good fit for your background.

Good luck!

this sentence pricked up my furry little ears. a story / world that someone has been unable to get out of his head for ten years. this is exactly the sort of thing that would make me want to check out a piece of work.

as for making the product match the vision, well no shortcuts or secrets there i,m afraid. practice and rewrites and a whole bucket full of dedication.

Hi there, new and never been to scrivener… :smiley:

Mi real name is Rainer. I live in Hamburg, Germany.
I´ve begun to study, so i´m looking for a very good, so to say: very easy to use writing prog.

Im doing on OSX+MicrosoftWord. The thing is about the page numbers. I don´t like the way it is to handle it in WicroWord.

But i don´t find the thing here either to be easy! :imp:
Or am I just too dumd to see it? Any help ist needed!

I have to write and save in .doc format. I have to set page numbers not to the main page, nor to the preliminaries. I have to begin with number 3 on the first p age of the text. And: I cannot find any hints in the help section of the program. Whatdo I have to know?

Any answers welcome!
Thank you!

Welcome, Rainer! Two suggestions:

1.Go through the Interactive Tutorial (under the Help menu) in its entirety, more than once if necessary;

  1. Don’t read the Manual, also under the Help menu, from cover to cover - instead, use it as a work of reference, like an encyclopaedia, when you encounter something that you don’t understand.

Within Scrivener, set the part you want to have numbered in the Draft. Put the pieces you want without numbers, before the draft. I don’t have Scrivener open to check the exact wording and compile settings so for more info, look for “front matter” in the manual or here in the forums.

Hi there,

thank you for your replies!
I´ve made throuhg the first video…and: bamm! Everything will work while I work…

I´ll be back for more, if needed!

Thank you again