New to the forums

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

New to the forums, but not new to Scrivener itself. I’ve been a user for about 2 years now, according to my emailed receipt anyway.

Let’s see…I use the app not just for writing short stories, but also for blog posts. Well, when I find the time to post something, that is. Most of my short stories are dark thrillers, but I am open to new categories if the idea is something I can expand upon.

Every time I use the app, I discover new ways to enhance my productivity and I can honestly say it’s $45 well spent. I’m testing the Windows version on a machine at work right now, and will probably obtain a license for that as well.

My setup right now is my MacBook Air running Scrivener, and as soon as the iOS version is released, I’ll be putting a copy on my iPad mini.

I think that’s about it for now. Just wanted to formally introduce myself, and I hope to be an active person on the boards.

Welcome aboard. Abandon all hope. :smiling_imp:

Oh dear, young Master Bob, that sounds so cynical. There’s no way on Earth, that life aboard Scrivener can be compared to a sojourn in Signor Alighieri’s inferno… no way… no way. That it appears, at times, to be heading in that direction, is a different kettle of cod’s heads altogether, and one best not dwelt upon for too long, at least not in the presence of a new, ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’. However, some of the characters we encounter en route to the foothills of Mount Purgatory, do bear an uncanny resemblance to certain members of Scriv’s crew (I’m sure it’s only on the most superficial of levels, though… don’t you agree, Master Bob?)

Can you pick out any members of our crew? I expect Virgil is as near as damn it, as you are likely to get to His Obnoxiousness, the right Horrible Vic-K. But how about any other crew members?

Welcome aboard Scrivener, young Master Tim :frowning:

Thanks :slight_smile: