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[size=90][i]"During my time at the prison there were two murders, eleven suicides, a number of roof-top protests, several gang beatings, countless (and i mean countless) stabbings, a few group rapes and masses of fights.

Each day was different than the one preceding or following it, nothing remained the same and the bell that rang only in an emergency rang daily.

it was great…"[/i][/size]

[size=70]Governor X, HMP Parkhurst[/size]

Winston Churchill once stated ‘The humanity of a society can be judged by the treatment of its prisoners.’ These, one must assume, also include the Moors Murderer, the Yorkshire Ripper, the Black Panther, the Kray Twins and numerous others one may have forgotten or prefer not to recall.

Yet, just how were these, Britain’s most infamous criminals, treated after sentencing and what were they like inside? In the first half of the 1980’s they were all housed at HMP Parkhurst, the United Kingdom’s flagship prison, and their treatment was the responsibility of just one man - Governor X.

The book will discover the secrets of this maximum security prison and its most dangerous inhabitants. It is [size=120]parkhurstunlocked[/size].

Whilst I have only used Scrivener for a week its benefits are incredibily clear. In fact, it wasn’t until I actually started trialling the software that it became obvious such a book project would be outstandingly difficult to create without it. I am thankful that I became aware of this programme at this stage of the writing process and, furthermore, it’s very surprising I’ve even managed to progress so far without it.

Scrivener enables one to enjoy writing, with pleasure, instead of spending a huge amount of time fighting against and throwing objects near to hand at the computer. In this respect, it’s lucky I don’t have a cat…