New to writing software

I will be a new user. Can this software be uploaded to Microsoft cloud so others can check my work and make suggestions? How many users per license? Is there add on software?

You can share your work (eg as Word documents or ebook or plain text etc) in several ways, depending on what your exact requirements are.

You can use Scrivener on any device you own on the one licence, but you’ll need a separate licence for each platform (eg one licence for Macs, one for Windows, one for iOS.

As far as I know, there are no add-ons, but I don’t know what you want to add on…

Your best best is to download the program and try it out - the demo is fully featured and lasts for 30 days actual use. In other words, if you use it one day a week it will last for 30 weeks.


Most of the writing software I’ve encountered, including Scrivener, don’t really address the needs of those in collaborative writing, and those of editors who might be juggling several clients at the same time (at least in the Windows environment). I think the most collaboration-friendly software remains Microsoft Word. You might want to look at other office suites too, I believe modern versions of Corel’s Word Perfect has some collaborative tools as well. I don’t know if LibreOffice/Open Office have any collaborative tools.

It all depends who the “others” are, which is difficult to discern from your post. If they are editors who will directly collaborate / overrule you then Scrivener may not be the best choice ofsoftware for you. StarDog2 is completely correct about this.

On the other hand, if they are peers or supporters and you want them to comment on your progress as you go, then you might want to compile your work and show them the outputted Word/pdf/whatever document, and have them comment on that. You can then add whatever you feel has value back into your draft.

Scrivener is intended for writing, and it has a learning curve. It is not wysiwyg because it is designed to make the process of writing more structured. Unless the people you are showing it to understand how Scrivener works it is unlikely that they will make sense of your work in its raw state.

As Brookter suggested you should probably download the trial software and then work through the tutorial you will find there. That should give you a better idea of what Scrivener does, and how you can use it with collaborators.

My business partner and I collaborate extensively on writing projects. We primarily use Word, sharing documents back and forth, but this is an inefficient arrangement. We don’t see Google Docs as a viable option. We need to upgrade our act, so we’re looking for a better way to collaborate. I wondered if Scrivener would be a good platform for us, but it does not seem to support join writing projects seamlessly. If I am mistaken, please set me straight. Alternatively, can anyone point us to something that works? A cloud-based option would be ideal. ​Thanks!

There is no cloud-based version of Scrivener, and Scrivener does not support simultaneous editing of Scrivener projects by multiple users.