New, Trying before buying...

Hi, I am currently trying out Scrivener (for Windows) - it was recommended to me by several people, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m trying to import an image into my Research folder, but it isn’t working. I went to the Research folder, right clicked, selected Add >> from Files, selected my .jpg file from my hard drive, and now the Research folder shows a little icon for the image, but when I click on the image to view it, it shows a progress bar (and has been showing ONLY the progress bar) for about a half hour. It doesn’t seem to want to load. The .jpg file is only 195kb, so it’s relatively tiny! Why won’t this load?

I spent several hours yesterday going through the tutorial, and this looks like it should be easy, but the image just will NOT load! Any help or suggestions for what I am doing wrong?

FYI: I just did the same thing per your instructions and it worked fine for me. i know that doesn’t help you, but might give you a little piece of mind.

You might move the image that does not seem to be loading, to the trash and try dragging and dropping the image onto the Research Folder to see if that works. Typically, bringing files in not a problem.

Good luck with Scrivener it really is great software.