New update crashed Scrivener

Today I received and query to update my Scrivener and I accepted. I’m sorry I didn’t make note of exactly which version I was on but it was 3. something.
The update went fine and then it asked me if I wanted to update the tutorial, to which I replied yes.
It did that but then it promptly crashed. And would not come up again.
I restarted my computer but it still crashed when I started it. It gave the crash report, which I sent.
Gave up and deleted the app and downloaded it from the website again.
So now I’m on 3.1.5. But when I go to “check on updates” it says:
“An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later.”
It also tells me that my “tutorial.scriv” is not in the correct location. Where should it be? I didn’t knowingly select a location to put it in.
In addition to all of that, the tutorial no longer shows me the differences between Scrivener 2 and Scrivener 3 or some of the more advanced features I noticed when I first upgraded.
I’ve tried deleting the tutorial file but it keeps asking me where I want to save it when I create a new one from the Help menu.

Any suggestions?

Well, never mind about the tutorial. I finally figured out how to move it and recreated it.

But, still wondering about why it says there are no updates available when I think there are (am I wrong?)

Also, why it crashed in the first place with the update I received today.


The update has been pulled. Will likely be rereleased tomorrow, or thereabouts.

See the developer’s post here:

Thank you.

Please try downloading again, the problem causing crashes has hopefully been fixed for everyone.

Hi, fellow writers. I have just tried to update Scrivener and got an error message - Error, cannot update, try later (something of the sort). I tried to manually install it. I downloaded, installed and it installs but the version is still the same 3.1.5 not 3.2.0. I even deleted the program and tried to install it again. Same - the version stays the old one.

You needed to search the forums a bit more. The update has been pulled (twice) because of crashes. As I write this, the second crash does not seem to have been fixed yet. But it no doubt will be very soon.

Thank you.

The new new update should be available now, both through the automatic updater and from our download link, here:

If you aren’t sure which version you have, check the About Scrivener menu. The most current version is Scrivener 3.2, build 14343.


I ran the update today (3.2) and for the first time in all the years I’ve used Scrivener it crashed. About five times in a row - I submitted the reports. I feel lucky to have never had any issues with it before, but this was pretty disturbing.

I noticed that it was crashing every time I would try to type in one particular text file in a folder, so I copied all the text out of that file then pasted it in plain text into Text Edit, then created a new text file and pasted it back in and reformatted it manually. Then it stopped crashing. But I was only working in a text file within my document that I created after running the update.

Edit to add: The version I got when I updated is the latest one as mentioned above (14343)

Could you please zip up and send us the project that triggers the issue, to, so that we can investigate?

Thanks and all the best,

I’m afraid I can’t share the project because it contains sensitive research data.

In case it’s helpful, I think I identified the issue - at least partially. The problem seems to come from text that I copied from Notes (the macOS application) and pasted (Paste and Match) into text file in Scrivener. The Notes text is text only, with minimal formatting (using macOS 11, but originally written in Notes going back to 2017 or earlier).

When I copy sections of that text containing hard returns and then paste (Paste and Match) into another text file in Scrivener, and then attempt to remove those hard returns (using delete key), that’s when it crashes. But it doesn’t seem to be every hard return, only some of them. However if I take the content and paste it into TextEdit, then make it plain text, then paste that plaintext into Scrivener it doesn’t seem to cause any issues. So I’m guessing it’s something to do with the formatting used in Notes, however it doesn’t seem to be avoided by using Paste and Match, which is funny. At any rate, something is happening in that process that creates something Scrivener doesn’t like, something that causes it to crash when attempting to delete. When I turn on “show invisibles” I only see hard returns, nothing else there.

Maybe this will help to discover what caused it.

Hmm, I gave that a shot in the macOS 11 partition, and didn’t run into anything obvious after a few different attempts. I added some junk text in Notes, about fifteen paragraphs or so, and then copied and pasted that into Scrivener’s tutorial (in a new section) verbatim, and set about deleting paragraph breaks in various ways.

Understanding that you cannot share an entire project, it sounds like you don’t need anything specific in order to trigger this problem however. So I wonder if it would be possible to set up some gibberish text that triggers the bug in a new project created from the Blank preset, and send that instead?

Best way I can think to go about it would be to set things up the way they should, and before attempting to trigger the bug, use File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To… to create a zipped copy. Then proceed to attempt with the crash attempt. If it crashes, then great, the .zip file should have everything we would need to see it as well, in following the same steps you took to crash it after making it.

Perhaps some setting or tools are causing the data you get to be different than what would be seen on a purely vanilla, default settings Mac with nothing running but Notes & Scrivener.