New User Feedback

Hi. I just purchased Scrivener and am happily using it to reorganize an older novel and finish a first draft of a current non-fiction manuscript. It seems to be a very well thought out program with some great capabilities. I’m finding it extremely helpful in structuring my work.

I am a little confused about the thesaurus, however. I saw that another thread mentions a “define” function for the nelnet thesaurus but this doesn’t come up when I right click on a word (and it’s not present in the tools drop down either).

I would also love to see the QuickRef David Hewson talks about in “Writing a Novel with Scrivener” available in Windows (unless it is and I missed it in the tutorial).

I was very happy with the tutorial, btw. At no point did I feel lost and I was fully able to work with the software after I’d finished!

Hello Barbara,

Thank you for the feedback. Quick Reference winders are not currently in the Windows version but they will be included.

Thank you Stacey! Will this addition be made available to those of us who have purchased the current version?

I’ll move my thesaurus question to the technical help thread :slight_smile:

I am not sure what version quick ref windows will appear in, just that they are on the development roadmap…

I see. Well that’s good. I did notice when I bought the software that the description said I wouldn’t be left with this version, in future, while newer customers are getting a better product so I’ll take them at their word :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Any update yet as to when the Quick Reference panels will be available for the Windows version?

We do not publish ETAs on stuff that is currently in development. I can say in general though that this will be coming along in the next major upgrade (paid).

Yay! Thanks! :smiley: