NEW USER really confused


I have set up several projects but they all look different. pic attached
Can anyone advise of a template i can apply to all the projects to make them have the same structure?
I want a 12 episode TV drama template (if one exists)
If it does how do i ‘‘plug this in’’?
Totally new to this

many thanks for any suggestions



Apologies for pasting direct from the manual, but the important thing to note is that you can customise any of the supplied templates for your own needs and then save it as a template to use any time you need it again.

Paste follows: (no it won’t work, “unsupported characters”. Uh?)

Well, it’s page 61 and 62 of the SCrivener Help manual. Or load the pdf yourself and search for Template.

Thanks for the suggestion. How do I insert a template into an existing project?

You don’t. A template is intended to be used as kick-start for a new project. There’s nothing magical about a template; it’s just a short cut for getting your project structured the way you want it. Take the template you want and create a new project from it – you can then either copy the content over to it, or look at how it’s put together and apply those settings to your existing project (whichever is easier).

Or, take an existing template (they are there on offer when you start a new project), hack it into the shape you want for your particular kind of project, then save it as a different template (pp 61-62 in the user manual) so you can reuse it as many times as you need for actual projects.

Hi everyone
Thanks for the support and suggestions.
I have been looking around and have found several templates but they will not work as Scrivener says they are of an old format.
Can anyone show where I can find a modern template for a tv series?

I believe that an existing project can be used as a template to create more projects with the same structure?


When you create a new project (File/New project…) you are offered a range of templates to use. You can use one that’s nearest to what you need.

Then, open your current TV series project and have the two windows side by side. Change the new template to match (structurally) what you’ve already set up in your existing project. Then save the changed template as a different template and you can re-use it as many times as you need.

Alternatively, duplicate your existing project and strip the actual content out of the duplicate (the actual writing, I mean). Then use the Save As Template… option in the File menu.

Make sure you’ve closed everything and backed up before you do this though. Better to be safe than sorry.