New version of Dropbox for Mac

I’ve just had an alert from Dropbox saying there is a new version of the Mac app and the files will be moved to “a secure storage on this Mac”, i.e. ~/library/CloudStorage/ or some such.

Have any of you Mac Dropbox users done this, and are there any gotchas? Box is already in that location, but I don’t use it much.




If Dropbox is following Onedrive, I suggest to wait and let experts tests what happens with the new version, especially with Scrivener.

For me and probably millions of others the upgrade worked fine. I confess I did read the clearly-written guidance from Dropbox at Dropbox support for macOS FAQs - Dropbox Help

Then just have to open your projects in the new location.

Of course do a proper backup (never put backups in Dropbox) before the upgrade.

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I’ve done this on 3 macs and, so far, no issues other than I forgot I configured my Alfred settings and Bookends style files to Dropbox so they stopped working. But given that you remember what preferences and soft links (I soft link several files from Dropbox to various other places) you may be using, everything else appears to work fine.

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Thank you for your experiences and for the link. I’m still on Macos 12.6, so I’ll wait a couple of weeks to update the system, then I’ll update dropbox.