New ways of using outline view in individual documents?

So I ran across this interesting post from 2017. Gregory asked about making outliner-style hierarchies for the paragraphs within a document:

AmberV replied with a helpful version of how something similar might be done using the Scrivenings feature, the outliner view, and a switching back and forth between individual document view and outline view using Cmd-1 and Cmd-3.

But another user, gr, chimed into say that this was still not quite it:

Gr suggested his own workarounds, but what I’m wondering is if Scrivener today is any better at addressing this usage scenario.

If you read all the way to the end of the thread you linked, it includes a few additional thoughts based on Scrivener 3’s new features. Beyond that, I would say that the behavior of the program discussed in that thread is essentially unchanged.


Thank you. I did notice that if you create a new untitled note and just start typing, it shows the title of the note provisionally as the start of the text of the note itself – at least a paragraph’s worth or so, it seems. I wonder if this could be a sort-of-way in which what the author of that thread wanted could be achieved…