NEW Zotero RTF Scan Style

Before today, to my knowledge, there wasn’t a citation style for Zotero which made it easy to drag and drop or use shift-cmd-C to paste the temporary notation into Scrivener that would make RTF scans less painful.

But now there is.

Download this, drag and drop it into firefox and click install. Then you’ll need to change your preferences. I found this to be really helpful in reducing the guessing game for some references of how to format the reference. Perhaps there was an easier way before this, though.

Thanks for the link hipersons; this is useful. I’ve cobbled one together myself but this one is cleaner and works even better.

I have attempted to “drag and drop it into firefox and click install,” but when I drag and drop, I get a blank page, and no option to install. What am I doing wrong?


Nevermind! I did a bit o’ research on Styles, and discovered that I had to remove the “.html” extension from the file name. Then it installed perfectly!