Newbie at a loss

I’ve recently purchased Scrivener and it downloaded ok, tutorial (urghgh) ok, but now that I am trying to start a New Project, it tells me I don’t have the authority to save a new document/project.

I might be missing something so obvious it hurts, but can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?? LOL

Thanking you all in advance for the avalanche of help!


Can you create stuff in the location you are trying to make the new project, otherwise? I’m not sure what the specifics are in your case, so it is very difficult to say what is going on. All I know is that it sounds like you are trying to create a project in a location that you do not have permission to create and modify files within.

That sound like a Windows issue to me. Make sure you’re creating them in Documents or My Documents or wherever you usually save things.