with templates

I just started to use Scrivener and am just using the thirty day trial before buying it. I cannot seem to find any templates to import. I go to ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener but then when I get to the Scrivener file it is empty. Must I buy Scrivener to get the templates?

When you downloaded the Scrivener installer, you should’ve seen 3 files:

Extras Installer

Did you load the Extras Installer?

If so, you access templates when you make a new project. Try opening Scrivener, then clicking “New Project” (File Menu, first option, key command: command - shift - n.)

That work?


Yes, try what Carradee suggests. The default Scrivener installation does not include any templates on its own, they are included in the Extras installer, which you must run on each account that will use Scrivener.

Once they are installed, they will show up in the interface for creating new projects. You needn’t import them. The import tool is for when you download a template off of the Internet, or send you custom templates to another computer. All that tool does is place the template into this special folder, so you shouldn’t ever import from that folder. Hopefully that makes more sense!

Unfortunately, the Extras Installer was not loaded. Also I’ve tried clicking on “New Project” and the Assistant comes up and when I go to the Template drop-down menu, all it says is “Import Templates.” So is there any way to load the Extras again?

Just redownload from the main product page. For more info, see the tutorial video on installing Scrivener, which also covers installing the extras:


Thank you! Got it!