Newbie looking for structural tips

Hi everybody, let me just say, thanks in advance. I’m a super new user, and I’ve just finished the tutorial (I spent the 3 hours really going through the tutorial in detail).

I decided to start using Scrivener because there were very specific needs I am starting to have that a word processor just wouldn’t do. I am writing fiction/novel in a straight forward, chapter by chapter, as consecutively as I can. If I have a scene that I want I will write it inside an “Open Scenes” folder, which I notecard with a lot of detail so I know quickly what that scene is and where I am to put it later.

Each chapter is a folder for me, and the txt files inside are labeled A, B, C…etc., which use to reorganize the scenes if I decide to later (of course many times A, B, C, will itself have a Bi, Bii, Biii depending on how complete the scene is).

One need that I am having is that sometimes I have a txt file, B for instance, where I have a description or a small scene that I know I want to elaborate on further, other times I don’t even have a small scene, I just know that I need to create something that draws, say two characters together. For whatever reason I just wanted to move on and I couldn’t write the scene then. What I’m looking for is a way to mark that document (or better yet, that spot) so that I can later on click a search for all the scenes that have “open char dev,” or “open scene dev,” or “open scene req” and work on those parts when I feel like messing around with the jig saw puzzle.

I’d presume that I could do this with labels or meta-data, but before jumping in, I’d like to ask to see how others handle something like this and what your suggestions are. I’m super new to this program so I know it will take me a long time to set it up for me precisely.