Newbie needs bibliography help with scientific papers


I am writing some long scientific articles and grant applications and
think Scrivener could be a huge help. All documents will – when
finished – have long bibliographies.

But I often need to make bibliography citations as I write. I also
need to insert citations later and have the all the citations re-number

Do you know of a workflow that will allow me to include Scrivener?
I’ve looked all over the FAQs and forum but didn’t find a solution.

I prefer Pages '09 for a word processor and will us RefWorks or
EndNote X2 for citation management. (EndNote X2 now fully supports Pages '09 and vie versa)



Search under Endnote and Pages. I’ve written several responses to this kind of query.

In brief, you keep all of your references in Endnote, using the output mode best suited to your field, or journals where you publish. When you want to insert a temporary citation in Scrivener, select the item in your Endnote library, and Copy it with Cmd-C. Then paste (Cmd-V) in Scrivener. That produces a citation like this: {Brandes, 2002 #35} (If you do a Cmd-K, you will paste the formatted output.)

After you export the Scriv project to Pages, you have it “scan the file” and it replaces the temporary citations with formatted output, either as footnotes or bibliography. Disclaimer: I have not personally done that in Pages, so you’ll have to read its Help file to learn how.

It should work, so happy Scrivening.