Newbie question ... corkboard is blank

Hi all, Sorry if this is a dumb question … but I have just started using Scrivener and my corkboard is blank. I have 6 chapters in my novel so far but when I click on the corkboard view it is blank. Not one index card. I am using the Investigator to write a short synopsis of each chapter. I don’t have scenes, just chapters, and as per the instructions in the tutorial I have changed the scenes in the binder to chapters. I have searched the web and the forums and can’t find an answer to this problem. Thanks for your help! :frowning:


Corkboard view only shows the files that are “in” what you select. So select the Manuscript folder and you’ll see all of the files or folders that are immediately “in” that folder. If those files or folders have other files or folders “in them”, you won’t see them. Cork board is kind of a one-layer view, unlike the outline view, which can show multiple levels, like a traditional outline.

Also, if your chapters are not going to be sub-divided into multiple scene documents, then keep each chapter as a single file in the binder. Don’t bother with chapter folders; that’s just extra work.

Doh! I selected the manuscript folder, then clicked on the corkboard view and … tada! … there they all are. :slight_smile:

Many many thanks Robert!