Newbie question: Edit outline entry after moving it

Apologies for the basic question–I’m new enough to Scrivener that I’m not quite sure how to search to find my answer.

How do I edit the current line in outline mode using a keyboard command?

I’m using Scrivener as an outliner as described in the user manual in section 8.1.2. Cursor is in the editor window. I hit return and a new row is created, with the text in the type-in box. If I move the row to the right to create a child (using control option right arrow), editing mode is exited. How can I edit this row without using the mouse to click twice?

The Esc key toggles editing on most everything in Scrivener that has a read-only vs. editing state. So that works for index cards on the Corkboard, rows in the Outliner and Binder and so on.

So it does. Thanks for humoring me.

Not a problem!