Newbie Question

I am currently trying Scrivener and so far the software is quite impressive. I love the way everything can be organized to your particular liking.

My wife and I write a monthly newsletter and I was wondering If there would be a way to include Scrivener in the process. I already have part of the answer, at least the writing aspect of it. I know that could be done without a problem. Our newsletter also includes photographs. Is there any way to format them into the text within Scrivener, or would we be better off writing in Scrivener and finishing our project in Pages or Word?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Dan Bezak

Dan, I tend to call Scrivener a thought-processor, because it makes outlining and organizing ideas and information so easy. So it’s perfect for getting all of your stories for issues together. But arranging pictures and display type, that’s page layout and for that I’d use Pages, preferably the '09 version because I think the '13 one is a sad failure. So your workflow would be to prepare all the writing and editing in Scrivener, then compile a version in RTF or DOC for Pages, and complete the layout work there. An export in PDF would give you an exact copy of the final version in Pages. Good luck!

Thanks for the info.