Newbie since site refresh - Is windows 3 ready now?

I dig the site refresh but it’s left me a bit confused. Is Windows 3 version finally ready ? I have a license from the previous version 1. ?-something - can i just update or do i need to pay a fee. It’s no longer installed - as i switched to using the windows 3 betas - Help signposting appreciated -
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Hi @twinkerzzz - yes it is!

Check out:

Whats the payment situation - as i have a license for version 1 already - do i get a discount or can i update stright into v3 ?


Buying or Updating to Scrivener 3 on Windows

Scrivener 3 is available now for Windows. For more information, please visit the features page. To buy, click “Buy Now”.

If you own Scrivener 1 for Windows, you are eligible for an upgrade discount.

If you purchased Scrivener 1 on or after 20th November 2017, you can update to Scrivener 3 for free.

If you purchased Scrivener 1 before that date, you can update to Scrivener 3 with a 49% discount.

Do i need to uninstall the last windows 3 beta version i have installed before i install the ready-to-use version ?

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Yes, you should uninstall it before installing v3.0.

It would have been best to export your preferences first, but since the beta expired long ago you can’t launch it now.

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  1. how do i save preference file for my settings in v3 ?


  1. Launch a project in Scrivener
  2. File > Options > Manage > Save Options to file. This saves your current Scrivener options to a file, which you can then restore from in the event of a reinstall or migration to a new PC or whatever.
  3. To restore your saved options, do File > Options > Manage > Restore Options from file.

If you want to transfer your beta options to v3, I don’t think this process will help you now, because you won’t be able to launch the expired beta.