Newbie with a question about Edit Scrivenings

Hi, I’ve just started using Scrivener. I imported three chapters from Word as three separate files; selected them and hit Edit Scrivenings to get all into one file. I ended up with only Chapters Two and Three in one document. Chapter One has disappeared. It appears as an index card only, no text. It’s not a big issue as I have backups of the file but I’ve searched all through the Help menu and can’t see what I did wrong. I’d like to get it right before I go any further and would appreciate any help. Many thanks

When you select that item by itself in the Binder, what do you see in the editor, does it actually have any text in it? Perhaps you accidentally put the document into the index card alone, so it doesn’t have anything to show for itself in Edit Scrivenings?

Incidentally I’m taking this literally, how you describe what you are doing. If you are in fact selecting the folder and choosing “Edit content included in draft” as the E.S. mode, then it might be the first document is excluded from the draft for some reason. You can fix that in the Inspector (Opt-Cmd-I)

Thanks Ioa. Initially, there was a chapter of text in the first document in the binder. Now it is just an index card with a synopsis. (The icon also looks different from the other two files, which are still complete docs). So it does seem as though the first doc was excluded. I went to Inspector to make sure “Include in Draft” is checked, which it is. I’m going to delete everything and start again to see if I run into the same problem. If I do, I’ll send another post. I’m sure I did something wrong the first time but I don’t know what as I was reading the help directions and following them.

Hmm, well excluding a document will not erase its text. That feature is so you can place notes and other such material into the draft area without it showing up in the final manuscript. That you had a different icon for that file definitely does mean it was empty, though. The icons change to indicate what the item contains. A blank page for no synopsis or text, an index card for a synopsis, and a full page for containing text. I would guess that you somehow accidentally deleted the text from that first document, and it was showing up in Edit Scrivenings, it was just an empty line at the very top, so you didn’t notice it was there.