Newest backups lost after computer update

Sorry if this is a repeat, but I couldn’t find the answer I need. My computer updated last night and now I can’t find my latest project. I downloaded the newest scrivener update and that found some of the backups, but they have to be from at least a year ago. I’m freaking out that my latest work is gone.

You can locate all projects on your system by searching for .scriv files in Finder.

The update shouldn’t have affected your projects, but might have reset things like the Recent Projects menu.


I did that. Every file I find is old and/or won’t open because it’s an “alias” file?


I would check and see if the operating system update uploaded your data to iCloud.


sigh no.

I doubt the update reset your backup location, so if you load up Scrivener, and then go to the menu Scrivener->Preferences->Backup, you should see a button that will open a finder window to your backups folder. I think by default, they’re .zip compressed, so you’ll want to copy the most recent backup copy to where you would normally save a scrivener project, double-click to un-compress it, and you should be okay.

It’s always valuable to know where your Scrivener backups folder is. Also, I prefer to have it include the date in the .zip filename (one of the options you can choose in the backups preferences pane). It’s less confusing than the round-robin numbered backups, which may make #3 newer than #4 and #5

I’m checking the backups folder, so far it’s old stuff. Weirder, they all seem to be one of two files. One from maybe three years ago, one from last year. Still nothing recent.

I know this is rather an obvious question, but where had you saved your latest project?