newline in custom text seperator

So, using the standard short-story template, it puts a # between scenes, but the text ends up a bit close together I’d like to put an additional line in here to separate them further - can this be done?

You can use OPT-Return to add a newline to character fields in the compile & search dialogues.

Or just use Opt-Return to add the empty line in the text field along with the custom separator.

Any way to do this in Windows? I can’t figure a key-code equivalent…

This is what I was asking in [url]], at least I think we’re after the same thing.


I don’t think so, not directly in any search field in Scrivener. I think you can accomplish this by going to Notepad, typing in the entire separator that you want to appear between documents, the select the whole thing and paste it into the field in scrivener.

Very good, Robert!

That works like a champ. Should have thought of trying it.

Thanks again!