Newly created Non-Fiction book is blank

When I create a new non-fiction book using the included templates, the pages that normally appear with helpful text are all blank, including Title Page, Contents, and the main Non-Fiction Format document at the top that describes how to use the template.

I had to copy and paste the helpful bits from another project. Any idea how to fix this? I’ve recreated several times, and even restarted my computer.

I’m having the same issue with all templates – all content that is not a folder name or file name is missing. I’m running the most up-to-date Scrivener install on Windows 7.

Update: I just tried opening a template on my Windows 10 machine and it worked. So this problem may be isolated to Windows 7.

FYI: I just opened created a project with the Non-fiction template and it appears all of the text is present. Windows 7 Pro