News on Linux Scrivener after 31st March?


I was wondering what the plan is for Linux Scrivener after 31st March (when the current beta expires)? A new beta? An official Linux?

I’m waiting me too for an answer to this question.
What means expires?
This beta will continue to work or I’ll need a new copy?
I’m working on my first novel and I like writing with this software.

From Lee (who okayed me to go ahead and post this–Bold and italics are mine):

"Linux is a high priority for me, it’s not going anywhere, it’s my
preferred platform for development. We have spent considerable time on the
upcoming 1.1 beta release fixing many outstanding issues on the Linux

Performance and stability have been our focus for 1.1 for Linux and
Windows. Scrivener will now start-up at least twice as fast as before and
feel much snappier in general.

We have fully automated the build and packaging for Linux. We have found a
solution for implementing a pdf reader (a key missing feature for Linux);
although this will not make the 1.1 release - but it will come. We have
added Markdown and MultimMrkdown compile support allowing plain text
exports to: xhtml, opml, odf and Latex tex format. We have also
implemented MathML support, as the Windows MathType is not supported on
Linux. There’s a stack of bug fixes and a few new features.

Linux 1.1 will be released a week before the end of March, so folks will
have a full week before expiry. The new beta will run until end of June
2012 i.e. another 3 months.

There is no way, we are dropping the Linux platform for Scrivener - it
will only get better and there stills so much more to come on the desktop
and mobile arenas.


Thanks for posting this Rob, and thank you Lee for your hard work.

What wonderful news!
So I have just to think to write! :wink:

Thank you very much.

I’m psyched about the MMD support, since I use lilypond (a LaTeX variant) for music. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great news! Thanks!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So pleased to hear Scrivener for Linux is continuing. Thank you, all you wonderful developers (and especially Lee). I’m ashamed to say it, but now I want it for my Android tablet too.

Great news! I have been without this wonderful program for several months as I am too lazy to become a Linux programmer to get it to work. I did download the .deb that was released back in November, but my mouse doesn’t seem to work. Since we are only a few days or a week away from the next release, I will be patient. I have been spreading the gospel according to Scrivener for almost a year and every writer who has tried it has loved it. I look forward to getting it working smoothly on Ubuntu so that I may enjoy the best of both worlds. Many thanks for all the hard work.


I am using the linux version for my new book, Fun with an MGA. It is my 39th book and the first using this version. Previous books were written using the Mac version of Scriviner and I am a true believer in this wonderful writing aid. Keep up the good work and thanks a million. By the way, I am using Arch.

Just getting an Android smart phone and tablet myself, so I’m right there with you. Fortunately, so is Lee: “Mobile is also going to be a big part of Scrivener 2012-2013, not just in the Apple domain either- there’s two other bigger players out there which we’ll be addressing in Windows 8 and Android…”
From this thread: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=17929&p=124772&hilit=android#p124772

Scrivener everywhere!

Another great news! The purchase of an Android tablet is planned in the near future