Next Scrivener update vs. Tiger

Hi Keith,

dont’know if this is the right place to ask (feel free to move this post), just a simple silly question : for the next major update of Scrivener (I know, no set date, Ok :slight_smile: ) will a Tiger user, as I am, need to update to Leopard? Or all it’s Ok about the OS X 10.4.11/Scrivener 1.5 love story?

Thanks and all the best

It will definitely be compatible with Tiger, don’t worry! It hasn’t been thoroughly tested on Tiger yet (as it is developed on Leopard) but I’m always careful to ensure that the Leopard-only stuff is ignored on Tiger (and the Leopard-only stuff is only whatever Apple has added to the text system in Leopard, nothing Scrivener-specific). I’ll be testing it on Tiger before beta-testing begins, and then hopefully any other oversights that cause troubles on Tiger (they are usually glaringly obvious) will be ironed out before the release (after which I’ll have to start looking into making it compatible with Snow Leopard, too, I suppose…). For the record, my intention is to have all 1.x versions compatible with Tiger.

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…and before Scrivener 2.x, I think I’ll switch to Leopard (or any other 4-legs-catlike-cyberanimal from Apple’s zoo…)

thank you for the quick(est) reply

I can’t, and will not be able for some years. FrameMaker only runs on Tiger now… >:-(


Ok so here is the “answer” to some of these types of problems. How you get to this state varies, but it is doable many ways. (I will advise privately but I don’t want to put a public how to up.)

[size=150]Use multiple boot slices.[/size]

Think “bootcamp” for OSX. On my “home drive” I have 1 leopard, 2 tiger, one XP one server 2k3 and a couple of linux dists. I also have a data slice. I can boot into any of them natively. For “normal” use I would not recommend more than 4 boot slices on a disk. You also need to be careful on your install order.

Why do i do this?

I really don’t know. I think “because i can” went out the window after the server 2k3 install. Let’s just call it psychosis.

I have to do that too… I have a small partition for Tiger and most for Leopard… And soon I’ll have to reformat with another slice for Snow-Leopard, I suppose (painful). All so I can test Scrivener on the different OS releases, of course.

I’m obviously not geeky enough … in spite of what friends and family think :open_mouth:

I simply have a bootable external hard disk with 10.4.11 so that I can run InDesign CS1 still.