Next Style does, and does not, work - for no obvious reason. Ideas?

(Scrivener 3, Windows 10, 21H2, 64-bit home)

I wanted to reproduce the left/right presentation of balloon messages for a short piece of dialogue.

I created a “Messages - Left Message” style with paragraph and font attributes (LH at 0.5", 3" wide)
I created a similar “Messages - Right Message” style (LH at 3.5", 3" wide) and set the next style to Left Message.
I then went back and selected some left message text and redefined the style of Left Message so as to make the Next Style Right Message.

Bizarrely, Left Message is indeed followed by Right Message on return, but Right Message never creates a following Left Message on hitting return.


Here’s what it looks like…

I know there is an issue where the Next style uses the editor’s default font and font size instead of the style’s.

Maybe that is related.
But I would have expected the indent to be fine.

Can you post a screenshot of both styles ?

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I suspect the blank line you have here :
to be related to your issue.
Of course, if you hit enter twice, you’ll end up back on your second style. (Right message style.)

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Otherwise, it might be because you redefined your left style. (?) Perhaps, try redefining your Right Message style without altering it at all.


Styles now alternate as expected. I think I may understand why: when redefining styles I selected the whole paragraph (c.f. MS Word stores para formatting in the pilcrow IIRC).

I redefined right and left with cursor as an insertion point within each paragraph… and then it was fine.

(Mind you, Scriv had also been shutdown and restarted, so can’t be 100% certain it wasn’t some other internal state error.)

For Info
The styles are illustrated above next to the style dialog
There is no blank line, that is paragraph spacing.

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Thanks for the input, but as you may have seen I have resolved it (albeit without a fully satisfactory understanding of how!)

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