NiaD 6 is being postponed [from Oct 2016]

Hi all,

I’m very sorry to announce that we’re not going to be running a Novel-in-a-Day event this October. Real life has sadly done what real life occasionally does, and put more things on my plate than I’m able to do and still organise a NiaD of the standard you deserve.

If there is sufficient interest, we’ll look to re-instigate the event in the New Year – possibly with a January event. In the meantime, you can keep up to speed with NiaD news and developments by subscribing to notifications from this sub-forum, and if you’re on social media by following or

Thanks to those who’ve been patiently waiting for this year’s event. I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed taking part in previous years, and hope we get to write a book together again soon.

Big hugs,
aka pigfender

Hope all the things on your plate fall into the nice category.


You’ve saved the world from another installment of “headless writing”. You’re their hero.

And I know what you mean. I’m looking at the “work life balance” for October and asking “how long would a viable clone take?” Hope it all all good things driving it on your side.

Serves you right for being greedy and having such big plates!! :open_mouth:
Good luck Rog
Take care

Thanks, y’all. Yup all is well. It’s just work stuff that’s gone crayzee. Good news, though: you’ll have a distraction free run at your nanowrimo prep! One sub-forum up!


You know, if you are cramped for time, we could just make it a Novel-in-an-Hour. :smiley:

or worrabout ‘A Novel Now’ or ANN


Vic-K want to do ANN.

Wait till his wife hears about this!


Here’s me thinking about us knocking out a short story. and looking to: Chekhov; Poe; Kafka; Woolf; Hemingway; Wilde; Eliot; Twain; Tolstoy; Faulkner; Melville; Christie; Atwood and Joyce, etc., etc., for inspiration, and there’s you lowering the standard to your usual sewer level. The kind of filth that gets yosimiti up on his high horse! :open_mouth: tch!tch!

Admit it, sir; you’re just jealous that you didn’t get there first.

I completely understand the need for postponing; I’ve peeked at previous years and running this event, informal as it is, must take an enormous amount of work. At the same time, I was really looking forward to joining in this year at long last, having lurked for about 2 years, and I wonder if there might be an alternative for this year… for example:

Is there a “veteran” of this event who might feel ready to give it a whirl?

Or could the overall duties be split up among several people to lighten the load — one person might come up with the plot, characters, and chapter divisions; a second person might screen applications to enter and be in charge of assigning chapters and mailing stuff out to people; and a third person might be responsible for receiving the completed chapters, stitching them together, printing them, and setting them all on fire in a huge bonfire on which pigfender is burned in effigy for instigating an event leading to the production of such bad art. Or some variation on the above…

Or can anyone think of a workable low-maintainance complete alternative. For instance, I thought of picking a story from an antique comicbook from and splitting it up by a number of panels or pages to produce a novelization.

It’d be a shame for a year to go by without a NiaD being produced. The gap in the icon row of all these folks’ sigs would just be so unsightly!

Young devin,
not true! The simple fact of the matter is, that unlike numpty, there are certain depths of depravity to which I am incapable of sinking.

I really think we just need to give the fellow some space.

I’m inclined to agree, wholeheartedly Also, invoking the fallow field system… … #ref558325

…may enhance the already fertile imaginations of Scriv’s crew members.

Rightio. I hear that. Happy holidays, everyone!

Oh, my. Glad I didn’t hold my breath for the event like I did in previous years. By January, I’d have been an interesting and undiscovered shade of blue.

Take care of your plate, PF. You’ve done such a good job for the previous NiADs, take the time you need to make the effort the worthwhile.

I confess I was getting a little concerned about my own ability to participate this October given what’s on my plate*. Given that my involvement is, technically, only 24 hours and doesn’t involve plotting the overall story-arc and breaking it into self-sustaining chapters (or creating believable characters, or preparing chapter and character briefs, or calling for volunteers, or coordinating the writing, or compiling the multiple versions of the subsequent book, or distributing said books afterwards) I can’t really judge you** for postponing NiAD 6.

I sincerely hope it goes ahead in January. FWIW, January is my quietest month, so I’ll have the least number of excuses not to participate. Of course, whether you take that as a threat or a promise depends on your views of my previous efforts… :confused:

[size=85]*I need a larger plate
**Well, I can, but it would make it hard to sustain any semblance of rationality I may subsequently seek to portray :unamused:[/size]

Yoo hoo! Darling! Light of my life (sorry after-life). My precious jewel in the firmament, I’m
over here!

Why should that suddenly bother you now? … ‘s never bothered y’ before … 'as it … eh?

Well, I did say “may subsequently seek to portray”. No promises. And I never said it bothered me. But if it helps you sleep better, just for you I changed “hard” to “harder” to allow for any significant challenges in this area that may currently exist.

Now, stop thinking about me so I can go back to oblivion :wink: