NiaD 7: The Magnificent NiaD

Yay please count me in thank you :smiley:

Haha! You are one of us now, you have no choice*!

    • except, well… you do. So I’ll need you to actually say it. :slight_smile:

Welcome back everyone. :smiley:

hit me one time.

Oh yes! Sign me up, Rog. :smiley:

Hi all! :blush: :smiley:

I’m entirely new to this (NOOB), but I’ve gotten some insight from GR on the process, and it seems like too much fun to pass up.

Please count me in!


Yes, I’d like to participate again.

Just to clarify, the story doesn’t have to be written in Scrivener, does it? I’m asking because I’m not sure if I’ll have my computer with me on that day.

Oh, I can probably use the iOS version, can’t I?

Btw lots of people in a Facebook Scrivener group said they would have been interested in taking part in June 2017, but they didn’t know about this event.

Rog - if there are still available chapters, I would live to participate again. I did NIAD 1 – have had rotten luck being available last FIVE years! (not certain how that is possible). Let me know if I am allowed back into the sandbox :smiley:

Liz Mead

Liz! Yes, of course you’re allowed back! So glad you’re able to take part!


You don’t need to use Scrivener if you don’t want to (but I’m honour-bound to advise it, given how awesome it is!)… although not having a computer might be a problem! You’ll need to be able to receive, open and read a pack of electronic documents, and of course you need to write / type your chapter and email that to me. If you’re comfortable doing all that on your mobile, then that’s fine. Would you like me to email you one of last year’s packs (unless you still have the email from last time) and you can see how it looks / works on your device?

Oh and thanks for the headsup on the FB group - was that the official Scrivener page?


Shift, I’ve sent you a private message on the forum with the next steps!


Everyone else, welcome back!

I’m in!

Warning - schedule on that day still a bit up in the air, but if I have to drop out, I’ll give notice.

peers around the corner
I’m in if you’ll have me again.
digs tip of shoe into ground
I’ll be free, so I can do a lot more editing this time.

I think I shall give NiaD a pass this year. It’s a little too close to the start of NaNoWriMo, and I will be lining up background research for that, and essentially setting up all the stuff that goes into the briefs for all the chapters of NiaD. And I shall be doing it for something I want to write, a story that engages me, big-time. Sure, one chapter isn’t much to write, but it’s likely to be too big a jump for me. in terms of my mental state. Perhaps I will be expecting to walk past uniformed thugs as my characters return to 70 Wilhelmstraße in Berlin. Maybe a flying boat has an endless line of thunder-heads in view, and not enough fuel in the tanks to turn back. Or maybe a European cavalry officer, his country disintegrated by the aftermath of war, rides into a Colorado mining town to face down a white-hooded crowd with one of the new-fangled European guns that shoots more than the expected six times.

Things are going to happen, and I don’t want to chance the distraction.


Er, I mean—please, Sir, may I have a little more NiAD, please?

To those worried about qualifications or improvement from last year… consider this…


He’s either touched in the head or very willing to let everyone participate. I prefer the former, but I think reality is the latter.

And here I thought it was the payola. :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep sending him fish heads, opossum tails and pig jowels, but they keep coming back as “delivery refused”! Not sure who’s paying him. Must be Vic-K

OK, I’m in. I did this a few years ago, and apparently, have forgotten the pain sufficiently to hit it again.

What? There they are there again. As the actual * around here, what am I doing in such close association with grrrrrrr and nomnomnom?

Hi @pigfender,

The Facebook group is called Scrivener Users. It’s a closed group but I expect they’d let you join. :wink:

The members are all obsessed with Scrivener and how to use it.

I think I’ll be able to write the chapter using Scrivener iOS on my phone and email it from there. Last June, I opened your attachment with the details using an android tablet, but I’ve just tried using my phone to open it, and it works!

If there’s a problem nearer the time, I’ll let you know.

Please count me in for NiaD 2017!

I’m always in!