NiaD 7: The Magnificent NiaD

Fixed it for you.

I’m in, I think. Unless my work life/whiskey intake gets thrown out of balance again.

But, I was planning on changing my name to “The Saint”, and fetching whiskey!

I might even save some for you…

Heck, yeah…I’d like to do this again.

Calling you “the saint” is like calling Vic-K an “innocent bystander”.

But the fetching of whiskey will be supported.

After all this time, after all these memories, how could I possibly miss another adventure?

Count me in!

Count me in. :unamused:

99 bottles of beer on the wall! 99 bottles of beer!!! take one down pass it to Vic-K 98 bottles of beer on the wall!

98 bottles of … VIC-K!! One at a time!

Hello all, and welcome back.

michaelroberts2017, since you’re using a new forum identity I’m going to go ahead and assume you the same Michael Roberts of Marshal Law fame?! Can you please send me a private message or an email to confirm your contact details and to remind me what your stance is on 'dem grisly scenes?

Jaysen, to answer your previous questions… can you really not think of a single person who’d pay to have you pre-occupied and out from under their feet for a day? :wink:

Wolf, sorry to hear you’re not able to take part this year. Good luck with Nano, though!

Several actually. But they tend to throw things and threaten physical harm more than offer gratuitous payments.

Ok, so I had an idea today.

Oh yeah. You’re all gonna wanna be in this one. :smiley:

Despite all your blandishments and promises, I think I will stay out of this one.

The rest of y’all have fun.

Ok, I’ll have a go again

The monkey on my back wishes to take part. Sign me up!

Ok Devin, thanks for letting me know! Phatskull, welcome back! Maelduin, I’ve sent you a PM with next steps!

Am I in? I mean, yes, count me in. Though I’ll have Shanghai Jetlag.

It’s Jacob Rees Mogg, isn’t it? And dogs, and Vaseline, and the Dead. I knew it.

Permission to come aboard, sir? Had a great time with NiaD VI earlier in the year - in fact, I dare say if I ever finish any of my personal projects it will be because I participated. Constraint and compression is great for creativity, and well, actually getting things done. :laughing: Eager to see what you come up with for this story! Thanks Rog!

Dogs? Plural? The man has values, dammit.

samtheamericaneagle, welcome back! Is your +1 interested this year?

I think so, but she’s not sure yet because of Saturday travel plans - I (or she) will let you know!

Yas! It’s time! Count me in, please! :smiley: