Nice job! And a request.

Congrats on the official release, Keith! After being a late-term beta-tester I just purchased version 1 and am looking forward to using it for my next article.

One comment: at least 90% of the pubs I’ve written for over the last ten years insist that manuscripts be submitted in MS Word format. No exceptions. That means that in order to use Scriv effectively I really, really need those export features to work well, particularly when it comes to footnotes and endnotes.

I have Mellel and Nisus, too, and I prefer them to Word. Nevertheless, Word is still-- like it or not-- the sine qua non of the industry, and I suggest you make Word your “guaranteed” export target.

I know, I know-- I don’t like it either. But as someone who makes a living as a (nonfiction) writer, Word compatibility is an absolute must.

Again, great job-- Scriv is possibly the best-designed app of its class.


Hi Eric - Word already is a guaranteed target. Just export to RTF format. Word is fully conversant with RTF, which is a Microsoft format. Why not export to .doc directly? Simple: the Apple built-in exporters to .doc and .rtf do not support footnotes, comments or images. The .doc format is private and so there is no way I can hack into that; the .rtf format is public, and thus I added support for footnotes, comments and images to the export for this format which will all be visible in Word.

So: these export features do already work very wel for Word. :slight_smile:

Thanks for buying!
All the best,

Ditto what Keith said. I’ve made my living from nonfiction writing (and teaching it) for 15 years now, and for the last five or so, I’ve only used Word with two (out of more than a dozen) pubs. I just saved as rtf from TextEdit or Mellel and sent it in. Now I do the same with Scrivener and DevonNote.

One editor insists on using Word’s admittedly useful track changes and notes/comments feature, and I didn’t have time to try out NeoOffice’s version of those, which I’m told is compatible with Word. So I went back to Word with her. Another said the backshop boys (er, that is the designers) were growling because I sent rtfs. Fine, I just used TextEdit to convert the exported rtf to .doc format and no more complaints.

Granted, I’m not using endnotes or footnotes with these magazine and newspaper articles, but I’ll be doing so soon with my book and we’ll see if I have to go back to Word or Mellel for that. But I’ll still write it in Scrivener. In one case last month I had to send an annotated file that linked each fact to a source. It wound up being well over 100 references, which I inserted as Scrivener annotations; when I was done, I exported the file as rtf, and Scrivener had converted all of them into endnotes perfectly. So there’s a good chance Scrivener will work for your projects.

Oops- I guess I wasn’t clear: I am EXTREMELY pleased with your current support of Word! No worries, mate!!

The only reason I even mentioned it was that I’ve got two other excellent apps that started out Word-savvy but the developers eventually paid more attention to Mellel and Nisus and Word compatibility became, er, problematic.

I suppose I’m just getting nervous as the new versions of the Redmond juggernaut are storming the gates and an editor just asked me to send her “the Vista Office version” (who knows why, but she thinks she need it!). Argh!

No, Scriv is absolutely great.


PS my last: Keith, I should mention that one of the developers told me there was an occasional problem when exporting to Word’s “nonstandard” version of RTF, so when I imported the files to Word things were corrupted. The developer-- a very helpful guy, actually-- told me this occasionally happened when MS did updates. He did fix the problem, finally, but it was a killer for a couple of months and I had to move on.

Don’t know any technical details though. Just FYI, in case it ever matters…


But I’m not worried.

(What, me worry? 8))

“I suppose I’m just getting nervous as the new versions of the Redmond juggernaut are storming the gates and an editor just asked me to send her “the Vista Office version” (who knows why, but she thinks she need it!).”

She wont be whistling “Vista Office version” within the year. Once the serial number thingey blows up in the average user’s face, locking them out without lengthy calls to MS, Vista is not going to be an OS de jour. Besides, Vista is backwards-compatible with XP for MS products, so it tells me she knows zip about the technology.

There are rumours that Apple have added Word XML exporters to Leopard, so hopefully this will become even less of an issue in the future… A lot of Cocoa developers want Apple to address this, so, fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

“… so it tells me she knows zip about the technology.”

No argument there, ajea! Unfortunately, she really thinks she’s on the bleeding edge of techno-cool, and since she signs the checks there’s not much I can do to help her see the light.

That’s a problem with being a freelance-- it’s usually put up and shut up. But that’s another forum…!

In that case, let’s elevate her to genius. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a link to Vista Word 2007 changes. Sounds like a Mac and Pages to me. … 53797.html