Just a couple of little problems:

Find dialog box does not try to get “out of the way” of what it finds, so often the found word is concealed by it and one has to manually move the dialogue aside.

Most dialogue boxes have a query icon which should call relevant help, but does nothing.

Are you suggesting it should jump around the screen? I’m not so sure about that. It would make clicking “Next” several times in a row rather awkward. A better scenario, if you are low on screen space and can not tuck it beside the main window, is to just close it and use the keyboard shortcuts for Next and Previous.

Well, I generally maximise applications’ windows, so cannot put the dialogue beside the main window. My idea would be, on the first find, to move it to the top or bottom and then just make sure subsequent finds are displayed below or above it, scrolling the text as necessary.

This problem has already been fixed by programs like internet browsers and Word, and it doesn’t involve awkward moving popup boxes.

The search box should be included in a portion of the window, not as a popup covering up the editor box. Either at the top or bottom (like Firefox) or pushing the text aside a bit to make room for a navigation pane (like Word).

For Scrivener, I think it would make sense to include another tab in the inspector pane, alongside keywords, references, and snapshots, have some kind of navigation pane.