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I was thinking of putting a button in the next Scrivener that would let users switch the full screen mode over to red and black for use at night or in a dark room. (Black background and red text), if this is possible let me know, so I don’t have to go and play around with the color settings (im in my dorm room with another friend, and he says that I can write as long as the light dose not disturb him at night). Can you please let me know if this is possible? … sence.aspx
Sorted!! :smiley:
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vic :wink:

Oooooh, they’re nice vic… :smiley: I especially like the lavender scented. However, before I buy I’m going to see what this button that ExperimentalArmy is going to install will look like. :smiling_imp:

Kinky aren`t they El. :smiling_imp:
I very nearly sugested, that if, ‘He’, (dorm mate) actually looked like this: … _info.aspx
then perhaps ExperimentalArmy was spending too much time looking at a computer screen :confused:
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not exactly what you’re asking for but

Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-8 or

nocturne does a better job at making it look nice


download DarkAdapted if you don’t like the inverted colour scheme

Nice, ill be sure to look into those thanks for the advice.

You can just have two sets of Preferences and use the “Manage…” pop-up button at the bottom of the Preferences panel to save the night set and the day set and then load them when you want them…

I guess I am old skewl.

I dropped the brightness down on the laptop at night…

PS: Red is the hardest color for the human eye to detect