Nisus Writer Express sale

There is a 50% off sale on Nisus Writer Express today. It only lasts till 11:59 PM tonight. I don’t know if that’s their time (west coast) or not. If anyone is looking to get a copy I don’t think it’s going to get much better than this. Maybe you all got the email, too but I’m sure some may have missed it. I’m thinking about it but I’m hoping the new Pages will up their rtf support. What should I do…What should I do?

Personally I would recommend biting the bullet and just going for Nisus Writer Pro, and I know a good number of other forum members will say the same. And I think that will be getting some solid improvements in the near future, too, that will push it into the A-league (if you don’t think it is already). Either way, Nisus Writer Pro is a far better word processor than Pages over all in my humble opinion, and the Nisus developers are fantastic (Martin, one of the developers, has given me no end of help in the past with text system issues - he knows the OS X text system pretty much as well as the Apple developers).

But, if you’re not sure, you should definitely go for Nisus Writer Express in the meantime to see if it suits you. I think the only thing that lacks that I use in Pro is the comments feature.

All the best,

The next version of NWP will include several improvements and refinements, with the usual elegance. In some ways, it is like the new version of Scrivener: nothing was actually revolutioned, everything was made more powerful and cleaner. You have new tools, but perfectly integrated in the usual workflow. A perfect match.


I didn’t really have much time to play around with NWE to see how I liked it but for 1/2 price I went for it. I won’t be out too much if I don’t care for it. And of course, I’ve never gotten bad advice in these forums. It’s true! Well, there was that guy who told me to get stuffed, but I probably deserved it.

It’s actually cheaper if I buy NWE for $22.50 and if I like it and want NWP at a later date the upgrade price is $45.00. That’s less than buying it outright.

I’m just trying in some small way to minimize the next credit card statement that is overheating Master Card’s printers at this moment. It’ll be just fine because I just found out how much a kidney is worth. I can still drink wine with one kidney, right?

It’s only your liver you need to worry about. :slight_smile: Hope you like NWE - it should be fine for most things and works great with Scrivener; it’s only if you need things like comments and some other advanced features coming with the next version that you would need to upgrade, I think (although it’s been a while since I used the Express version).

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Nisus had another sale for the MLK weekend and I upgraded to NWP for the comments feature and a couple of other things. So, they got me after all.

When I first moved to the Mac in late ‘07 I remember trying it out and for some reason, I wasn’t impressed and I bought Pages when I got the MacBook so I was all set for WP. It turned out I was wrong.

Maybe it was just that it wasn’t a pretty as Pages. Yes, I am that superficial. If Pages is the bitchy supermodel then NWP is the nice girl with the great personality. And Mellel (I got it in a software bundle) is the nerdy theoretical physicist that wants you to read about String Theory before dating her.

What a wonderful encapsulation of those pieces of software … Can we have a suggestion for what Word might be? :mrgreen:

Best, Martin.

Well, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve used MS Word and as hard as it is for me to refer to it without using the word “Satan” I’ll give it a go. “Word is the high-maintenance girlfriend who drives you insane.”

Or perhaps the abusive boyfriend you don’t feel like you can leave?

Until Scrivener sweeps you off your feet and takes you away from all that. :slight_smile:


How about, OpenOffice is that dame you see down on 22nd…

Both of those send a chill of recognition down the spine – not that I’ve ever had a boyfriend, but I see the similarity.

But where is this 22nd? And dames are rather august personages in this part of the world…

Best, Martin.