NisusWriter Pro Macros/Templates

Good afternoon:

I will admit that it feels a bit strange to ask a question about another piece of software here, but I was directed to this forum.

I am just beginning to use Nisus Writer Pro. I have not been very happy with Word for sometime, and was casting about for something new that seemed to fit my style of working. I have also bought Scrivener, but the way Scrivener works is very different. It will take me some getting used to.
One of the things about Nisus Writer that recommended itself to me was the ability to script it, and to use templates. However, I will admit to being a little overwhelmed by learning how to do either. Are there tutorials, or repositories for macros and/or templates that I can take a look at?


Hi Jim,

Nisus Writer Pro is a good word-processor to go with Scrivener. In the help menu there are links to both the NWP manual, and the Macro Language reference. The macro possibilities are very powerful if you want to go that way.

Also, importantly, the NWP forum and the Macro forum on the website are pretty active, and include real macro experts like Phspaelti who is incredibly helpful, as is Martin of Nisus and other long-term users who are willing to help. So keep checking those and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Mr X

Just to echo what Mr X said. Nisus and Scriv go very well together, in fact in the early days of Scriv, I used a Nisus macro to convert inline body text in Scriv to properly placed and numbered footnotes.

Your best bet is to hop over to the Nisus forum, where you’ll find some exceptionally good macro writers. He mentioned Phillip Spaelti, but others are the inestimable Kino and Nobumi Iyanagi. I’ve used macros from all three over the years since I was an undergrad using the original Nisus Classic 5.3. Still the most rock solid piece of software I’ve ever used.

One other point. I have been pressing Take Control Books to produce a volume on the Nisus Macro language for beginners. Currently they are revising Take Control of Nisus to include a chapter on macros, but I think a book devoted solely to the Nisus macro language would sell well. It might be worth emailing them and adding your name to the list.

If it’s any help, there’s a chapter devoted to Nisus macros in Joe Kissell’s Take Control ebook entitled Take Control of Automating Your Mac. Not the same as an entire book, it’s true, but I found it enlightening (although I have to admit that previously I was ignorant of the power of Nisus macros, which appear to be able to do everything bar make the coffee).