No Antidote integration? Use 'Ctrl+C+C'

Presumably Antidote API will not find its way to Scrivener 3 - search for ‘Antidote’; for example, in this thread it becomes quite obvious:

That is why I have been using the external sync of RTFs and on them, LibreOffice Writer for corrections with Antidote, like probably many other Antidote users here.

Meanwhile, I noticed that Druide informatique Inc. developers have come up with the following ‘Connectix’ integration with Windows (11 + Antidote 4.0.1 */) which you may find useful for shorter corrections and analysis:

  1. On Scivener, select a paragraph or other block of text from the screen ;
  2. Press Ctrl+C+C ;
  3. Antidote’s New Document window will open with the text from the clipboard ;
  4. Antidote’s Corrector will open with the text from the Antidote’s New Document ;
  5. Proceed with corrections and/or your analysis - note that corrections will appear on Antidote’s New Document window (and not on Scrivener window - no API…) ;
  6. Close Antidote’s Corrector ;
  7. Close Antidote’s New Document Window - but make sure to reply Yes in the dialog which opens, to copy the corrected text on the clipboard ;
  8. Back on Scrivener 3, press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste the corrected text, with formatting over the selection of the point 1.

If you want to get back to the corrected / to be corrected text being on the clipboard, use Ctrl+Alt+K.

Hope that you find this useful in your workflow containing usage of Antidote.

*/ Windows 11 Pro 22H2 - Antidote bilingue v4.0.1 Français 11.4.2670 Anglais11.4.2670.

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I concur all of the above, except it ain’t new.
The shortcut for my current version of Antidote would be Ctrl-C + Ctrl-Alt-K, but otherwise it is all exactly as you described it.

Antidote 10 / Windows 10

That would be a really old version…
You sure you got that right?
They are now at V11.

[From the screenshot you added, I see you are using Antidote11. That makes more sense. What is 4.0.1 ?]

I would also be curious to know, if you previously used V10, how much of an improvement is V11, as I am considering the paid upgrade. (+/-100 CA$) (?)

I’ve been using Antidote since 2012 and used every single version since then. The versions above are from Windows. I presume (but I do not know) that v11 was created from v10 without a major overhaul, to be compatible with the 'Antidote+" which is a change in licensing paradigm with web integration and annual subscription - actually, even on Windows one can select between web and program assisted usage. As far as I can see, compared to v10, the v11 has not much more (yet) but the web integration - it is useful with some other browser-based applications that I use on a tablet. If you do not have that need, you may as well want to keep your lifetime v10 license as long as it works for you, or until v11 announce some functions with ‘IA’, or such.

Je vois. Merci. (Et merci pour le conseil, aussi.)
Un peu absurde, tout de même, que Druide ait choisi de numéroter son pack Français+Anglais V4.x, alors que les deux composantes sont des V11. Ben coudonc…
. . . . . . . . .
I see. Thanks. (And thanks also for the feedback.)
A tad strange, I’d say, that Druide chose to number the version of their bilingual pack V4.x, when it wraps two V11 components…
Oh well…