No British English option

Hi there,
I was just about the buy Scrivener but noticed in the evaluation copy that there is no “British English” option which means a lot of correctly-spelled words are underlined in red. The “System Language” option also doesn’t work, despite all system settings being set to “UK English”!

I have yet to find a solution to this online, so your help is much appreciated.


If you’re looking for UK English for the spellchecker, you need Go to Tools / Options / Corrections and select British English. If it doesn’t appear in the options you’ll need to hit the Download button and install the appropriate dictionary.

That’s sorted it! Thanks so much for your help! Time to buy my copy :slight_smile:

Dear Daniela, I am just reading through your chat, since I am also trying to find the British English option. But I can’t find the options you describe: " you need Go to Tools / Options / Corrections and select British English". Where are the Tools? In which menu of Scrivener?
Thank you and kind regards,

Hi Martin, you’re using a Mac, while this thread is Windows based. The spell-check operations are different on each platform.

On the Mac, go to “Scrivener > Preferences > General > Language”


“System Preferences > Language and Region”



Thanks Mark, I didn’t realize I was in the Windows Posts. I’ll check the Mac sections.

Hi I’m really stuck on this one. I can’t see any obvious menus that match the one given in this answer (There’s no TOOLS menu on Scrivener 3 - anyone can help me? It’s really getting to me that I can’t do a simple correct spell check in British English.

I’ve been advised on another thread that I’ll need to download a dictionary and I’m happy to do this if only I could find the correct menus.

Check this post: