No Chapter Name in the Text Itself, Right?

I want to make sure I’m using Scrivener in the way it is intended.

I’m creating a Kindle book.

The compile seems to work best if the text itself doesn’t include the title of the chapter. The title is only in the binder pane. That is, it should look something like this:

It feels insecure to not have the title text in with the other text, but if that’s the best way…

Yes this will be the best approach for Kindle (and I would argue pretty much everything, since you can number and style the titles in a single place, the compiler, rather than in 25 or whatever places). With the word processor and PDF style outputs, you can be a little more liberal with how the title is printed, because these output formats do not support any kind of special treatment for the title. With e-books however, Binder item names will be used to establish the built-in table of contents, so they should be accurate and for best results no title in the main text area.