No compile to Word with headings??

Oh God, this is a complete nightmare. I thought it was possible to compile to Word and have the item titles in Scrivener become headings in Word. In fact, I was so blissfully sure of this that I’ve got a huge draft divided up neatly into individual items in a carefully-constructed tree structure, with each sub-heading as a new item. I need to turn this into a) Word, with item titles converting into headings of the appropriate level and b) Epub, also including item titles as headings.

Is it possible?

If - as now appears - it isn’t, what would be the quickest way of clearing up this mess?


File and folder items will become headings if you compile them that way. 22.8 of the manual should help: … win-a4.pdf

I’ve been reading through that, thanks. The best I could find was to format the title for level 1 folders, text items and text item groups to unusual font #1, then do the same for level 2 folders, text items and text item groups, and so on. Then in Word I can select all instances of each unusual font and transform them to the relevant heading. It’s time-consuming, a bit exasperating having to set each heading-equivalent 3 times, but manageable. Is there a more direct way to get from Scrivener titles to Word headings?

Oh, and epub… what would you do for that? (I’m thinking I could use a prefix and suffix for each header instead of a unique font, export as html, use a global find-replace in a text editor to turn those into html header tags, and then use Sigil to turn this into epub… but, again, is there a quicker way?)

Thanks for the help!

I believe I misunderstood your original question. If you mean that you want Scrivener to output style headings that match or are compatible with Word style names, I really don’t know if that is possible or not.

But if you output the headings with a unique font, you don’t then need to go to each block of text manually and substitute for the relevant heading, because you can use find and replace to do that. In the screen grab below, I put some heading text in Times New Roman and the body in Verdana. Using find and replace > format, you can search for the font (TNR in this case) and replace it with a style type (Heading 1 in this example).

Don’t know re your second Q, but intrigued all the same…if the ePub is already configured to show the headings, why do you need to change them?

[attachment=0]zz 2013-07-29 at 16.41.32.png[/attachment]

I wasn’t going to each individually, just using ‘select all instances’ in the styles & formatting menu. But your method looks altogether more reliable and less fiddly.

Confession: haven’t actually tried with epub yet, so I don’t know what I’ll get. I just saw there was no option to turn titles into headings, and assumed it wouldn’t do it. If it does, I’m happy. If it doesn’t, I’ll export to html first and use find/replace in Notetab. I might end up doing that anyway for ease of further editing… need to experiment…

I’m reasonably sure that if you start with the “Paperback Novel” preset, and epub output type, you’ll get your titles as chapter headings. If not, it’s a matter of customizing the compile settings.

Thank you - I’ll try that.