No Customize Toolbar for Options in Scrivener for Windows 3?

It seems that Mac Scrivener users can choose to put Options on the toolbar but Windows users cannot. Is this true? Intentional?
-big john

As a Mac-user, I don’t know what you mean. There are “Corkboard Options”, “Outliner Options” and “Clear All Navigation Options” on the menus, but there aren’t any toolbar icons/labels for those in the Customise Toolbar dialog.

I believe “File → Options” on Windows is “Scrivener → Preferences” on the Mac, and there is no icon/label to put that on the Toolbar, either.



Thanks xiamenese for the quick response. On this video: Customise the Toolbar in Scrivener - YouTube

I took this screenshot:

It looks like there is an icon that can be moved to the toolbar. Maybe it is an old video.
-big john

Yes, this is true.

There is no button for View > Customize Toolbars in Windows Scrivener.


That screenshot must have been Mac v.1! Here’s v.3 … no “Customise Toolbar” option.

I presume you could make a shortcut to open it, but I don’t see much point, as, to me it’s something I rarely do, and on those occasions it’s “Do it once and leave it at that”. I prefer shortcuts or the menus over using the toolbar anyway.


The shortcut will be fine for me (Ctrl + ,). I am new and still exploring all the goodies in Scrivener and like to tinker around under the hood. Just perplexed about the apparent difference but it is not a major deal breaker since I can use the keystrokes!
Thanks again for engaging.
-big john

For windows can customize by view>customize toolbar. Windows can customize toolbar and format bar as well. Can shift icons around and add spaces . can in File>options>Appearance under general option can change font and size of toolbars.
My current Win Scriv 3 toolbar

Thanks Goaliedad, I have personalized it and wanted a button that doesn’t exist. Ahhh well. Keyboard shortcuts work just as well.
-big John